‘Joint for jab’ in Washington for those getting COVID-19 vaccine

Washington has just added weed to its list of incentives on offer to encourage people to get vaccinated. Yes, you read that right.

The offer, dubbed “Joints for Jabs”, will continue until July 12.

In a bid to boost vaccination coverage, the state has approved the distribution of free cannabis joints to everyone getting a jab.

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board said in a statement it was temporarily allowing state-licensed cannabis retailers to provide joints to consumers above the age of 21 who received vaccine doses at in-store vaccination clinics. This allowance, optional for licensees, is effective immediately and will expire on July 12, 2021.

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As per the allowance, participating cannabis retailers are allowed to provide only one pre-rolled complimentary joint to a customer who gets vaccinated. They are also allowed to advertise during the rollout of this plan.

58 percent population has been given at least one dose in Washington, while 49 percent have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, says the New York Times database.

Earlier, Washington had allowed businesses with liquor licenses to offer one free drink to customers with proof of vaccination for COVID-19. This offer is on till the end of this month.

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Something similar is happening in Arizona as well. Mint Cannabis Dispensary, under its initiative “Snax for Vaxx”, is giving out free pre-rolled joints and edible cannabis gummy to everyone above the age of 21 who got vaccinated at their clinics.

Liquor giant Anheuser-Busch has partnered with the Joe Biden administration to give every American a free beer if 70 percent of Americans are vaccinated with at least one shot by the Fourth of July, Fortune reported.

The BBC had earlier reported that dating sites Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble have partnered with the US Govt to encourage vaccination. Users who get jabbed will get a “vaccination badge” along with access to exclusive premium content.

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CNN reported that these datings are offering similar services in the UK as well, in collaboration with the government.

On Tinder, users will be allowed to add a pro-vaccination sticker to their profile and will receive a free “Super Like” for doing so. Hinge will give users a free “Rose” to give to potential matches, while Bumble will give non-paying customers discounts on premium features, said the report.

Hong Kong, too, is trying hard to encourage people to get vaccinated. The South China Morning Post reported that some of the fresh incentives include lotteries for shopping coupons worth HK$20 million, a HK$5 million cash grant, free insurance policies, new flats, private flights, gold bars and also a Tesla car.

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Some states in India along with state-owned banks have introduced exclusive fixed deposit schemes for individuals who have been inoculated, the DNA reported.

The UCO Bank is offering a 0.3 percent higher interest rate on fixed deposits of 999 days, valid for individuals who have taken at least their first jab. The scheme is valid till September 30.

The Central Bank of India announced the ‘Immune India Deposit Scheme’ which gives an extra interest rate of 0.25 percent above the applicable rate for those who have taken their first shot of vaccine. Senior citizens will get an additional 0.25 percent, giving them a total bonus of 0.5 percent.

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